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Bogotá, Carrera 24 # 42-71, Bogota 111311, Colombia
19 Reseñas 4.5

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Acerca de Quipile, Cafe de Origen

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Lunes 10:30 - 07:30




5 /5 Valoración media

Try the coffee, it will give you a nice trip for what we have in Cundinamarca in one cup. Area is fantastic. Enjoy it

3 /5 Valoración media

Nice design and offer of coffee varieties. Services can be improved. It has bike parking lot. It is open almost every day. They sell coffee in grain.

5 /5 Valoración media

My home town is Bogota so this is a place in the city I live. The area where Quipile is located , The Parkway, is nice to have a walk, gather with friends and have a coffee. If you want good coffee, not only in the parkway but also in Bogota, this is a place to have in mind. The service is great and the coffee experience is nice, they can explain you about the origin and the different preparations you can choose. And well, The coffee is really good! The food (light things, don't expect a steak, more like sandwich and that type of stuff) was also good and their options go well with coffee. Its a comfortable place to have a nice chat with friends or read a book. They have indoor or outdoor seating something that I liked. I found my visit wonderful.

5 /5 Valoración media

If you love coffee and you are in Bogotá, try not to miss Café Quipile. Not only is a wonderful place to relax and chill-out, it's also one of the few places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee from beans grown and roasted by the same owner! Vegan friendly and environmentally conscious!!

5 /5 Valoración media

Some of the best coffee I had I Colombia. If not the best. Very nice location, pleasant and relaxed staff. Also good carrot cake. The other things also look good.

5 /5 Valoración media

What a pleasure to try various types of preparations using some of the best coffee beans I have ever tasted. The owner has kept true to his philosophy; socially and environmentally accountable starting from the farmers to the trained baristas. Ask him. Stylish café, yet laid-back. Definitely going back. Took 10 lbs back as gifts. Perfect!

4 /5 Valoración media

I really liked the feel of this small coffee shop on the parkway because we had the choice of having our coffee there or taking it to a bench on the park, where locals walk their dogs or take their lunch break. The area seemed super safe and was very pleasant and the staff was friendly.