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Bogotá, Calle 70A # 5-67 Zona G, Bogota 110911, Colombia
369 Reseñas 3.5

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Horarios de apertura

Lunes 12:00 - 23:00

Martes 12:00 - 23:00

Miércoles 12:00 - 23:00

Jueves 12:00 - 01:00

Viernes 12:00 - 01:00

Sábado 12:00 - 01:00

Domingo 12:00 - 16:00




1 /5 Valoración media

Food is overall good....but service is terrible. We waited 1:30 h to get part of our order...they came with a silly excuse after we asked for the status....Definetively....first and last time....no worth the price and also a weird environment...Stay away from this place....Terrible experience.....

2 /5 Valoración media

In this past this was a great restaurant and I used to go there often. Then it collapsed, Last week I decided to return and check out but the result was disapointing, The place was empty, your order takes an eternity to be served and the food doesn't correspond to was it should for this type of restaurant.

1 /5 Valoración media

We went for a family lunch hoping it would be a good choice. Sadly it was not. Way too expensive for a poorly cooked supposedly spanish food, and for a long wait. Will never go back.

1 /5 Valoración media

Why it is a scam. Porque es una estafa:1. Paco Roncero just lend his name for this. He is not there.1. Paco Roncero presta su nombre para este restaurante. El nunca esta alli.2. The menu is not what appear in the internet. They dishes are not even close to the gourmet dishes they show in the pictures. They will tell you that the menu changes periodically but what they dont tell you is that it is a real scam.El menu no es lo que ellos presentan en fotos. Te dicen que la razon es porque el menu cambia periodicamente. Pero lo platos no son gourmet and no so de calidad. Es una estafa real.3. This is not a michelin star restaurant. The food is mediocre at best and the prices are outrageously expensive. They don't list some of the prices so be aware and ask before ordering.Este no es un restaurante con estrella michelin. La comida es mediocre o peor y los precios son exorbitantes. Algunas cosas no muestran el precio en el menu. Pregunte precios antes de ordenar.4. A scam of a restaurant. Do not recommend it under any circumstances.Una estafa. No lo recomiendo bajo ninguna circunstancia

5 /5 Valoración media

I am a fan of Jose Andres' creativity and Paco Rancero's delightful menu reminded me of the things I love about Jose's -- interesting flavors, both subtle and bold, combined in non-traditional ways. We started with a flight of appetizing tapas -- including an olive emulsion that burst in your mouth, a delightfully light avocado taquito, wonderful bite sized ceviche and a foie gras in white chocolate candy! So creative for those of us who wanted to appreciate diversity in bite sized servings. We were a large group and moved upstairs for dinner where the creativity continued. Main course options were more traditional, but each was prepared with just the right hint of an extra flavor. Dessert won us over with its tableside dry ice "performance" to create the perfect ice cream topper for our hazelnut mousse. If you go, I recommend you let the chef staff make recommendations and be prepared to try new flavors with an open mind and palate!

4 /5 Valoración media

If tapeo is what you like it, if tapeo is what you want... then VO is the place to go in Bogota. Brand new menu brought by Paco made the experience delicious as my last time in Barcelona. Try to go on Friday. You'll see a great Flamenco show. My place in Bogota for tapeo!

1 /5 Valoración media

The two hostesses (a couple of girls that were chatting between them) barely paid us attention when we arrived. We ordered a Tortilla Española as appetizer but there was a piece of eggshell on it. In general the dishes were not well seasoned and the expected great experience with the food never happened. Also, one of the glass had a tiny broken over the top that could hurt any of us. The bathroom was not clean at all. At the end of the day, a high fare for a terrible experience. Not recommended at all.

1 /5 Valoración media

Just because the owner is a judge for a Colombian reality TV program, it doesn't mean you're going to a good place. A terrible bad service, totally overpriced within all the restaurants in the area and Bogota, bad food, dark, old, uncomfortable...one of the worst experiences I've ever had. If you want to loose your money do not hesitate to visit this place.