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Cali, | Centro Comercial Unicentro - Plazoleta El Oasis - Local 504 Segundo Piso, Cali, Colombia
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2 /5 Valoración media

I had some time to kill before a movie in the Pacific Mall the other day. I've seen the Sushi Green restaurants around town, and decided to give it a try. I won't be going back until I hear that the food quality has gone up. I had their version of a "rainbow roll" that was about 95% roll, and very little rainbow. The fish was soooo thin that it practically disolved when I dipped it into the soy/wasabe.It's really sad, because the service was great, the restaurant was clean, and it was in a nice location. Maybe they're focusing on dishes other than sushi, which would be odd given the restaurant name.But, if you want sushi in Cali, ask for a recommendation other than Sushi Green.

3 /5 Valoración media

Fancied some sushi so stopped by to try Sushi Green. The menu looked great, but was quickly Informed that no shrimp or cammerones were available, thus limiting the menu a little. Still, went for a taster and was not over impressed, hence my title of average Sushi. Maybe with a full menu and all options available, I would have been happier, but until this time, I would not recommend a visit

4 /5 Valoración media

Sushi time, umm delicious i recommend this site its good food fresh and the attetion its very well, i take a drinks and enjoy the music while eat a good sushi

4 /5 Valoración media

my mother always said; food on a boat, you've got my vote. Sushi green is no exception to my mothers words of wisdom. Ok theres some rogue things on the menu - for example - why am I eating mashed potatoes with salmon and basel at a sushi restaurant? But life is like sushi green; keep an open mind and you are rewarded x

4 /5 Valoración media

Nice sushi and we also liked the salmon. The salmon is a nice portion and well cooked, served with nice salads or the wok vegetables, really nice. We also tried the octopus (entry) delicious.the service could improve, it is very slow and they don't seem to be on top of orders (leaving things behind and taking for ever)

3 /5 Valoración media

The range and choice of food in cali is somewhat limited. For this reason I wanted to try sushi green. The decor is lovely with a very relaxed atmosphere. Service was attentive and the waitress was able to explain some of the dishes. The menu is probably a little too extensive so it can making choosing a little difficult. The quality of the food was ok but did not have the authenticity of sushi restaurants in other parts of the world. It's a little pricey but it's worth a visit just to experience something slightly different.

4 /5 Valoración media

We visited their location at the new Pacific Mall in Cali. Service was friendly, fast and courteous. The fruit juices delicious and the food very well presented, perfectly cooked and very tasty. Totally recommend it.

3 /5 Valoración media

beautiful restaurant. service so. menu on QR code. we are tourist, so that from non internet. they could have offered us since they had. Sushi-Platter tasted like super market quality. Drinking and eating took more than an hour to come while people who came after eating already find restaurants in one. the local menu curbed the food and looked so good. we would definitely have enjoyed that more, but there were no information that spoke to us about the whole table Spanish except me. the place was very beautiful and the dj was excellent. we loved the music. it wasn't so loud and we were still able to talk. will I have gone back? I don't think so. they also overloaded us with alcohol.