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Cali, Calle 4 Oeste# 3-46, Cali, Colombia
103 Reseñas 3.5

Estaremos encantados de recibirte en nuestro restaurante! Tu reserva te asegura una asiento a la hora que desees y con el número de plazas que desees. clientela sólo tienes que utilizar gratuitamente nuestra cómoda reserva de mesa online o reservar por marque el número. Debido a la normativa vigente en materia de higiene, estamos obligados a mantener un registro de los datos de contacto de nuestros huéspedes de todos modos. Ayúdanos a ayudarte, en lo que tú simplemente reserva a tiempo.

Acerca de La sanducheria del Escudo

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Lunes 11:00 - 23:00

Martes 11:00 - 23:00

Miércoles 11:00 - 23:00

Jueves 11:00 - 23:00

Viernes 11:00 - 23:00

Sábado 11:00 - 23:00

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5 /5 Valoración media

A bit pricey for a sandwich but you will think it worth it after eating them. They are so creative, filled with ingredients, and always delicious. They serve several tasty sauces with your chips, to entertain the palate. Easy to get to in Penon area.

5 /5 Valoración media

The sandwiches were very tasty, excellent bread, full of chicken, tasty sauces. The service was friendly, the restaurant clean and would come back any time!

1 /5 Valoración media

I couldn't wait to try this restaurant. My wife's family (all Colombians) and I were super excited to try out what appeared to be a nice place where we could find a great hamburger. Well I will give credit where it is due, the fresh fruit juices were great, but it all went down hill once our food arrived. I ordered the Cordero, my Wife ordered Sandwich Criollo, my Father in Law ordered a Cesar Salad with Chicken, my Mother in Law and Brother in Law ordered a Jucy, and my Sister in Law ordered a Vegetarian. Everyone started eating and within a few moments we were all looking for each others reactions. One by one each of us shook our heads as if to say...No mine is not good. We then each took turns tasting each others meal in hopes one of us would like the other persons. But the general consensus was that the food was not just fair, but it was horrible. The worst meal was clearly the Vegetarian where the sandwich tasted so bad that the server had to take the food back because the cheese and the sauce was spoiled rotten. The server came back and confirmed it with the chef. He then asked if she would like something different, she decided to keep it simple and ordered the French Fries. He came back and sure enough the potatoes were black and rotten. We couldn't believe it! Rather than go on and on with how terrible the meal was, trust me if you are interested in trying a burger joint keep on looking. This is not your place. Eat here at your own peril. In closing I gladly paid the bill so I could in all good conscience write an honest review.

3 /5 Valoración media

Expensive for Cali, Juicy burger was pretty good and filling. It was a good size and I did not order a side because the couple sitting near me sent their side of fries away after their burgers because they were full.You get four sauces on your cheaply made waferboard table (the chosen decor), the green sauce was good and the mustard was OK, but the other 2 were not worth another dab on the burger and ketchup did not seem to be an option (I did not ask).It seems to be a long time to cook for a fastish food restaurant. It took a beer and a half to get the burger, and I was not knocking the beers down. I actually considered that the girl had forgot to place my burger order and just was getting me expensive beers and considered getting up after the second beer and finding another place to eat.But I did enjoy the burger, or maybe I was just really hungry.If your are a couple of blocks away go there, if not don't.

4 /5 Valoración media

Visited this restaurant with friends, and the overall experience was very good. This is a small restaurant with maybe 6 tables in total. So it is a very cozy environment, but the food is the true hero here. The restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches all of which are not basic, all the ones that I have tried have been delicious. As for the service once you walk in to the restaurant you will go to the counter and order your food, and then you just wait at your table for them to bring it for you. In addition you dont have to wait long for the food. Overall, I would recommend this to someone looking for an upscale alternative to a fast food burger.

4 /5 Valoración media

This burger is one of the best in cali. It has a big chunk of meat, two cheeses and delicious mushrooms. Their fries are also really good. They have a bunch of sauces which work perfectly. The one in Ciudad Jardin is equally great!

4 /5 Valoración media

Best sandwiches I've had in Cali but you have to pay for it. Don't go here if you're in a rush - sandwiches arrive a bit slow but they are well worth the wait. Good bread, good ingredients, and fries.

4 /5 Valoración media

The place is a little bit hidden from the usual walking person and you kind of need to know where it is or is a very rare you will stumble with it. The place is small but very nice in a very safe and gentle neighborhood. The style is “order it yourself” meaning that the menu is up on the wall, you pick what you want and request it from the guy at the counter, there is no waitress that will take your order at the table, you even take you own beverage from a cooler. Now the food, the quality is great, very gourmet and delicious. They use a rare variety of bread that is delicious and the sauces that each table has are excellent, the spicy and the garlic sauce are just perfect with any sandwich. I have tried several sandwiches from the place and all of them are unique, although I recommend the double ´R’ burger with blue cheese. Now the downside of the whole experience is that you would think that for a self service place the prices would be more reasonable but the price are more meant to be for a place with service to your table and all the food is a bit pricy for what you are used to paying for similar type of food, but all in all is so delicious that it is worth it.