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Callejón de los Chivos, Calle 4 35-28 | Calle de la Iglesia, Cartagena, Colombia
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1 /5 Valoración media

Went there last week for lunch with 3 friends. We ordered the meal of the day that includes soup, then the grumpy waitress served us only the main course and for our surprise, we were charged full price even though they never served us soup because of it finished! Apparently, the owner of the restaurant told them to charge the same price even if only half of the meal was served!.The waitresses and the woman in charge were not helpful at all and seem like they don't care about customer service. In the other hand, food is bad, bad. Poorly served, over cooked meat and the people running this place must receive customer service training urgently! Stay away

3 /5 Valoración media

It's not fancy, it's not gourmet. They don't sous-vide. There's no pistachio cheescake. If you're hungry, you sit down, order a cold beer, and a plate of fried creole food. Plus it's cheap.

1 /5 Valoración media

My friend and I expected a lovely dinner in a quaint Colombian locale. However, it quickly turned for the worse. First of all, the service was less than noteworthy. Secondly, the food sucked. Not to mention the fact that we paid an excessive amount of money for overly cooked fish (which had no meat, all you could eat was the bones) AND the salad was covered in water instead of dressing. Would not recommend this restaurant to anyone I love.

5 /5 Valoración media

If you are looking for Four Seasons type place this isn't it but if you want good local Cartagena cusine this is the place. Jorge seats you and you get the homie feeling right away. Small menu but everything I've had has been great. Very inexpensive. Hey I'm writing and I'm eating so that should say it all.

1 /5 Valoración media

Wished we would have looked this up on TA first! Our meals were disgusting and we couldn't eat them. The rice was mushy and cold, the plantains were old and hard. My plate was dirty and had some kind of black oil on the side of it? My husband used the washroom here after dinner and said the kitchen looked bad and the washroom was absolutely filthy! AVOID this place!!! We are just hoping we don't get sick from this.

4 /5 Valoración media

Don't expect A/C or frosty mugs or any of that sort. This is a local mom and pop type spot with good food. The beers will just come in cans but thats ok because the meal is good

1 /5 Valoración media

They bring you dishes you didnt order then charge you huge prices fir them..then they tried the trick where they drop the money and claim you never gave it to them...beware..they dont rob you in the street in Cartagena...they rob you slowly in the restaurants!

1 /5 Valoración media

We just happened by it, we were hungry and the place looked nice. We ordered a churrasco (steak) and baby beef for my wife. My dish was horrible, the meat inedible, sinewy almost impossible to cut with a table knife. We called the waiter he wasn't of any help. So we spoke with the owner or person in charge, she said we had touched the food (how else would we know?) and refused to make any substitutions. I declined to eat it, my wife finished hers but I had a funny rotten smell to it. We left very angry and frustrated. Stay away from it.