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Calle 14, Cartago 153, Colombia
3 Reseñas 4.5

Con nosotros, ahora puedes reservar al instante una mesa en línea, ahorrándote largas esperas. Puedes hacer la reserva de mesa por teléfono o en línea aquí directamente con nosotros. Estaremos encantados de tenerte con nosotros. Con tu reserva de mesa online en nuestro Website con nosotros, tardas súper rápido! Por supuesto, las reservas también se pueden hacer rápidamente por teléfono. Con tu reserva nos ayudas a prepararnos mejor. Por eso te estamos doblemente agradecidos!.

El restaurante es definitivamente una buena opción, lo que también confirman los clientes anteriores con una valoración media de 4.5.

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5 /5 Valoración media

The arepas are excellent, with a choice of large corn (yellow or white) arepas, and you choose from a 3 filling or 6 filling option.There are at least 28 filling choices including many various meats (chicken, beef, chorizo, ribs, chicharron, chunchulla, bacon, ham, shrimp), vegetables (mushroom, plantain, avocado, corn), and quail egg, beans, cream cheese, curd, plus 7 different sauces (honey mustard, garlic, pineapple, mayonnaise/ketchup, hogao, chowy, and my favorite – aji)As a surprise to many, the arepas are filled very full, so the value is very good. For those with a smaller appetite, there is a smaller arepa available with less filling options, but we did not try those. We have been there four times already, two times at their previous location in the Santiago Plaza, and now twice at their new location they moved to in September 2015. It seems to be always comfortably busy, yet no long waits and seating is regularly available. We would suggest trying it out, as it is a nice surprise to have a restaurant of this caliber available with the quality and price. Prices when we last visited in December 2015 were 6,900 pesos for the 3 filling, 7,900 for the 6 filling. Oh, and they deliver if you are in Cartago and do not want to walk or drive to the restaurant. We saw many deliveries being made during our visits.

5 /5 Valoración media

the arepas are excellent, with a selection of large mais (yellow or white) arepas, and they choose from a filling or filling option. there is at least the selection of different meat types (chicken, bark, choorizo, ripen, chicharron, chunchulla, speck, sink, shrimp),...Gemüse ( Jewelry, plantain, avocado, mais), and quailei, borrow, cream cheese, curd, plus various sauces (honey senfase, garlauch, an for those with a smaller appetit, there is a smaller arepa available with fewer filling options, but we have not tried these. We were already four times there, two times on their earlier position in the santiago plaza, and now twice on their new position they are moving in september it seems always comfortable, but no long waiting times and seating are available regularly. we would suggest trying it out as it is a beautiful surprise to have a restaurant of this caliber with quality and price available. prices when we last visited in December were pesos for filling, for filling. oh, and they deliver when they are in cartago and do not want to go or drive to the restaurant. we saw many deliveries during our visit.