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Salento, Carrera 5a 8a 45 | La Floresta, Salento 631020, Colombia
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5 /5 Valoración media

Unos platos super deliciosos, con una excelente presentación impecable y con gusto a la vista increíble, nos encanto muchisimo de todos los lugares que visitamos

5 /5 Valoración media

This place. This place is awesome. The owner is a super sweet guy who serves excellent breakfast. We went there our first morning and ended up going there every morning afterwards. The food is fresh, the presentation is amazing and it's such a good value. One of my favorite places in Colombia due to it being a diamond in the ruff

5 /5 Valoración media

This (very) small shack hides one of the best breakfasts lunches and coffees I had in Colombia! For only $10000 you get an incredible land huge lunch. Having made your choice of salad, main, side, dessert and juice the owner then cooks everything completely fresh and to perfection. He must be a trained chef the quality and presentation is so good! There is one catch that it pays to order a day early in order to give him the chance to go out and buy all the fresh ingredients either that evening or the next morning as due to the small size (two tables inside and two outside from memory) and also his desire to serve fresh food he does not keep much food, if any, on site. However...if you don't preorder then do not worry...he wil happily go out there and then and get the ingredients in, this does mean you will have to wait a short while as he shops and then cooks but also, if you have the time (and who doesn't in somewhere as laid back and chilled as Salento!) then you are certainly guaranteed probably the freshest meal you will eat in Colombia..can't argue with that!! TLDR...In short, this is some of the freshest and best made and presented food I came across in Colombia and at an incredibly cheap price! $8000 for breakfast and $10000 for a 3 course lunch using freshly bought ingredients that day! An absolute must visit in Salento!

5 /5 Valoración media

This shack has the best value breakfast with the best owner and coworker! You get so much great, fresh food for nothing and I cannot recommend it enough. A fruit bowl, smoothie, eggs, and a croissant with cheese for 8000. Great atmosphere

5 /5 Valoración media

This place is amazing! It is very small and located just over the yellow bridge on the left hand side. Breakfast is $8,000 and lunch is just $10,000. The serving sizes are huge! There is a choice of four options for breakfast and for lunch you choose your salad, main, side, dessert and juice of your choice!The owner takes a lot of pride in his cooking. The meals are plated with perfection! The taste is divine and everything is fresh! He does ask that you order the day before or in advance as he goes out to buy the ingredients fresh to make your meal. If you don't pre order your lunch, he still goes out it just means you have to wait a little while for your food. If you are in Salento this is a must visit place! By far my favourite, freshest meal in South America so far!