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Suba, aeropuerto El Dorado, Bogota, Colombia
129 Reseñas 3.5

Reserva ahora tu mesa con nosotros. Asegúrate asientos libres con antelación. Sólo tienes que llamarnos o utilizar nuestro Homepage para reserva de mesa en línea. Esperamos tu visita! Una reserva también es útil porque evita los tiempos de espera. Así sabemos cuántos consumidores podemos esperar y podemos prepararnos en consecuencia. A través de la reserva de mesa podemos ofrecerte un mejor servicio. Así que lo mejor es que te encargues de tu reserva gratuita de inmediato, puedes hacerlo por teléfono o por Internet, ¡sólo te llevará un minuto!.

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3 /5 Valoración media

I wanted to eat something during my walk around, but not a big meal in a time consuming restaurant, neither a risky something on the street. This is how I stumbled into this fast food type of place, and found good in its own category. I realized that it is a chain.The most surprising thing was the gloves served with the chicken! Great! First, you don't need to struggle with fork and knive (what you wouldn't do at home!). Second: it is hygenic and it is important in the lack of exposure to street foods. I also appreciated the collection paper bag for bones.The meal was deep fried chicken in breadrumb, and as such good, because was properly done. I recommend this chain for the reasons above, but I assume individual differences between locations. The service time here wasn't particularly slow or fast, simply an avarage.

4 /5 Valoración media

Is an other one of my prefer places to eat each time I travel to Colombia. I really like it but somehow I realize this time that the service is not the best and was expensive compared with similar places

2 /5 Valoración media

Once you enter the restaurant is a little hard to be noticed, as it is, in fact, very busy. When you do get directed to a table it is done with nothing more than a few words (none of them being "welcome" or "buenos dias").The tortillas are nothing special, the guacamoles and cheddar are gone in an instant. The hamburguer is terrible, with some pieces of meat that should not definetly be there. My son ate the chicken, but since he's almost 3 years old, he had nothing to say. All things considered, I'm glad he ate something.

1 /5 Valoración media

They tried to photocopy my passport this is not only illegal but very scary when travelling abroad. This place is likely affiliated with a guerilla group and should be avoided at all costs. Katios is great and right next door.

4 /5 Valoración media

They have chicken in lots of forms -- burgers, roasted, bacon-wrapped, or our favorite -- fried. All the others are pretty good, but the fried is what we keep coming back for.

4 /5 Valoración media

Good place to eat chicken and potatoes with your hands! The place is good and the meals are well served! The place provide plastic gloves to protect the hands while eating!

2 /5 Valoración media

The restaurant is pretty expensive for the food quality offered. The service is slow and my experience was not the best one when I went. Won't be coming back :( I guess the crepes and wafers upstairs would have been a better choice.

3 /5 Valoración media

I triend the normal chicken in unicentroI had tried better chicken in bogota and in another citiesthe nuggets are nice, you can also get them in exito supermarkets please mark in the link below yes Was this review helpful? Yes to keep supporting this reviews